Wednesday, August 01, 2007

#3 - "Slippery Melon Zest"

So with the 10 week stretch in the forest approaching (the BEARPEX - Biosphere Effects on AeRosols and Photochemistry EXperiment or as Delphine christen it the "Bitter Experimentalists Always Repairing Pieces of Equipment eXperiment" since we all seemed to be having trouble getting our instruments to work pre-campaign) it seemed appropriate to have a pre-campaign party to celebrate the future absence of civilisation.

It was of course a true classic and would not have been complete without one of my now infamous cocktail concoctions. I had two hard acts to follow: the #1 "not as bad as I thought it would be" from the new years party at Lake Tahoe and #2 the "sorbet-rama" from Delphines Berkeley leaving party but the #3 "slippery melon zest" proved to be a willing contestant thanks in part to the zesting skills of Dave Michalak and the oversized Melon slices (which actually proved to be fundamental in order to prevent the Sambuca and Baileys mixing). My medicine ball again led to some entertaining moments as everyone tried to balance on it (not sure what Tim was trying to do, see bottom left photo)!

Heres to 10 weeks in the desolate forest with no TV, terrible internet and 12 miles to the nearest red neck hick bar. Bring on that post-BEARPEX party.