Friday, September 08, 2006

State capitals, Glitter Party and Countdown to the Ski Season

So following in the age old Tuesday pub quiz tradition that had been set in stone back at UEA, myself and several of my colleagues have started going to the Becketts Irish Pub Quiz. Unlike its English predecessor it starts at 10pm finishing just before the last BART train to the city so Rory (the quizmaster) can still get home! The first week, Colette and Julie scored a lowly 14. The addition of myself increased the score marginally to 19. We can only blame it on Rory's interesting take on the rounds, with excessively obscure Entertainment trivia and far to many Anatomy questions in the Science and Nature round for the those (being all) atmospheric chemists amongst us. It had appeared as if a trend was appearing with a question on the US State Capitals occurring at least once a week so in preparation I took it upon myself to learn all 50 of them for the following week. A grand improvement in week 3 with a score of 39 points, following the addition of Delphine to the team and a guest appearance from Julies Mum, however sadly no questions on State Capitals that week - damn it! Roll on Tuesday....

Yesterday, I went to a party (with the theme of Glitter - see the photos) in San Francisco. It was quite random since the guy (Tom) I knew I had met at my friend Debbie's wedding 3 years ago. It was even more random when he confessed that actually he could not remembered having ever met me and was even struggling to recall the wedding. Anyways, it was a great party - my shirt got unofficially voted the best, which was nice considering the hours spend cutting glittery tape to make that flashy Union Flag.

The apartment is working out great, Anna and Julia are really cool and I have found some great climbing buddies through their friends! The sunsets from the apartment are fantastic (see photo to the right) and the views are too - on a good day you can just make out the Golden Gate bridge and by just I mean literally that.

Apparently the Ski season starts at the beginning of November, so the countdown has begun - 44 days to go....